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November 4th Flea Market:

November 6th Turkey Order Deadline:  Make sure to have your Thanksgiving turkey ordered by the 6th!  You don’t want to be turkey-less for Thanksgiving 😉

November 11th Sustainable Farming Class:  Want to learn more about sustainable agriculture and the farming techniques that are used to protect the environment, public health, human communities & animal welfare?

Rich DiFebo from Harvest Home Meats will be giving a presentation on Friday, Nov. 10th, 6-7pm. This is the first in a series of talks on the importance of local sustainable farming for your health and the environment.

Harvest Home Meats raises 100% Grass-Fed Beef. Harvest Home Meats mission is to work with nature to provide consistent high-quality, grass-fed beef to their customers. They don’t use chemical fertilizers, insecticides, or herbicides on their pastures. Their cattle never receive growth hormones or antibiotics.

November 14th ‘Leaky Gut’ Class:  Join Herbalist Cheryl Karcher on November 14th as she explains how important the intestinal health is to the entire body, combating chronic health issues and how to improve and heal your gut mucosa.

The class will be free however, registration will be required.

Call Nature’s Way today to book your seat! 610-253-0940