Cheryl Karcher

Cheryl Is an Herbalist, herbal educator and level 2 Reiki practitioner located in Bloomsbury, NJ. With love and respect for Gaia, our plants and their spirit she infuses her business and lifestyle with herbal delights and stewardship practices. With 15 years in the culinary industry, and 10 years in horticulture, she brings these worlds together in her programs, gardens and recipes with her business. Cheryl loves to share herbal knowledge with children and young adults and is working with project U.S.E.- Urban Suburban Environments in Newark, NJ., presenting herb classes to inner city youth. She is a member of United Plant Savers and a named steward to the section of the Hunterdon County Land Trust’s –Sweet Hollow Preserve – which borders her property. Cheryl is a graduate of David Winston’s 2 year certification program at the Center for Herbal Studies and the 1 year Herbal Therapeutics program, preparing for the graduate program in the fall. She is the current treasurer for the NJ chapter of the American Herbalist Guild. A member of the AHG, she is pursuing her professional membership through an internship at the AHG clinic.

Her company, Hilltop Herbals LLC, offers an integrative approach to well-being with health consultations, herbal formulations, medicinal food coaching, botanicals, skin care and Reiki sessions. Cheryl is available for workshops, lectures and herb garden designs. She feels it imperative to stay updated with the latest clinical information and attends herbal conferences and workshops of renowned and skilled Herbalists in NJ, PA, Mass. Cheryl is Staff Herbalist at Valley Integrated Pharmacy located in Bedminster, NJ where she shares herbal knowledge, gives educational programs and assists customers with their holistic health choices. When not serving clients or preparing herbal concoctions, Cheryl can be found in the garden or “not so found” in the woods, learning and listening to our green allies.

Her favorite herbal work is helping clients’ reach their optimal level of wellness. “Working with a client is much like being a health detective”-gathering info then piecing the puzzle together to create a protocol to best fit the client.

Her favorite herbal pastime is growing herbs, reading about herbs, and developing recipes…..and listening to Eric Clapton.